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Connect with your audience

Connect with Your Audience



You know the social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. But…do you know where your audience hangs out? Are you only on Facebook when your potential clients are Instagram enthusiasts? How often should you post? When should you post? WHAT should you post? So many questions! We have SO MANY ANSWERS!



The first step to any good email campaign is to have an email list. If you don’t have one, then we need to get people to sign up! Emails are a great way to educate your client base, announce sales or incentives, welcome new customers, and guide people back to your site.



Overwhelmed with ad choices and platforms? Whether it’s Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever else your client base is online, we will create ad campaigns that reach your target audience. We will handle keywords, demographics, and even help you determine a budget. We are awesome like that. Also, ad rates are down right now and internet traffic is up. It’s a great time to run ads!

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