How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

My how LinkedIn has changed. Gone are the days when a standard background photo and a decent headshot would get you connected with the right people. Nowadays, you need to have a LinkedInprofile that stands out. A profile that tells about YOU, not just your career path. A profile with a cool background photo and a customized URL. You’re thinking, “WHAT? How do I do all of this?”

I’m about to tell you, young LinkedIn Jedi.

1. Streamline Your URL

You may be wondering what a URL is and why you need to update it. The URL is the web address of your page. The URL of this page is and my personal LinkedIn URl is

So, now we can connect.

The reason it’s a good idea to update yours is that it makes it easier for you to find. AND you’re probably not the only one on LinkedIn with your name, so it’s good to grab it if it’s available. For some of you, you may be able to update it to firstname-lastname. Some of you may need to do firstname-mi-last name.

To update your URL, go to your profile page. Close to the top of your background image on the right-hand side is a section that says “edit public profile and URL.” Click on that. A new window will open that allows you to edit your URL. Update it and save. Example:

LinkedIn profile URL


2. Update Your Privacy Settings

Stay on the page where you updated your URL. We have a bit more work to do. Scroll down on the page and you’ll see where it says “Edit Visibility.” Turn this on. Underneath this, you can set privacy settings for each part of your profile. I like to keep things public because I want to be easy to find and have no shame in my accomplishments, or lack thereof. You do you, though. If you’re looking for a new job, I would recommend being as public as possible so you’re accessible to HR departments and recruiters.

LinkedIn profile privacy


3. How’s Your LinkedIn Profile Pic?

Your profile pic should look close to how you currently look. Super cool highschool photoshoot pics do not need to make an appearance. Your pretty face should make up about 60 to 70% of the photo. No need to show your off your fancy shoes. Be professional. Smile.

LinkedIn profile pic


4. Do You Have a Good Background Image?

Let’s get rid of the standard LinkedIn background and take it to the next level, shall we? There’s no excuse for not getting rid of that thing and replacing it with something more reflective of your personality. Look online for free, usable images. Copyrighted images are a no go. Here’s a Google search to get you started.

LinkedIn profile background



5. The About Section

The about section does not and should not be a regurgitation of your experience section. Shake it up a bit. Tell about your hobbies, your family, your backstory. Give people something to talk about besides work. Maybe your next big client or employer will also be big into gaming and fly fishing! Who knows if you don’t tell them?

LinkedIn profile about


6. Experience it All

Tell everyone what you’ve been doing. Don’t just list years and companies, details are important. Think of this like you would a resume. Give specific examples of your duties and accomplishments at each place of employment. If your employer has a LinkedIn profile page, be sure to link to it. Example:


Update your education section and also add in any all licenses and certifications. This is not a time to be shy! If you got them, flaunt them.

LinkedIn profile experience


7. Get Skilled

Scroll down past the licenses and certifications and you’ll get to a “skills” section. If you don’t see it, go back up to your profile pics. You should see a button that says “Add Profile Section.” Click this and choose skills. It will look like this:


You are also able to take a “skills quiz” and get verified for certain skills. These are really good to have on your profile. The quizzes aren’t easy – you have to know your stuff, so you’ve been warned.

LinkedIn profile skills

8. Get Recommendations

Having people that you’ve worked with actually give you a recommendation is HUGE! Just click on “ask for a recommendation” and choose who you want to ask.

Most people like to help out other people. It may not feel true, but it is. In fact, it’s an honor to be asked to give a recommendation. You should also be willing to give the person you ask a recommendation, as well. It’s just the nice thing to do. Plus, if you’re asking them to speak up for you, chances are you enjoyed working with them.

LinkedIn profile recommendations


9. List Accomplishments

Under the same “add profile section” button in step 7, you are able to list accomplishments. If you have written anything, gotten a patent, are a part of a group…add it here.

LinkedIn profile accomplishments

Now you should have an AMAZING LinkedIn profile! Let’s connect!


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