Part 4: Converting Your Instagram Followers – Instagram Direct Messaging

So, we’ve covered the first 3 parts of creating an Instagram sales funnel that converts. First was building a blueprint, then getting followers by covering all your bases, and finally, creating content that relates to your customer base. Now it’s time for step 4: Show You the Money.

Instagram Direct Messaging

Instagram direct messaging plays a huge role in the monetize phase. There are 6 forms of direct messaging:

  • texts
  • pictures
  • video chat
  • group chat
  • voice notes

Direct messaging is the perfect way to create a personal connection with your followers. Send them a voice note or a personalized video asking them if they liked/would enjoy your service and/or product. It’s a great way to stay in touch and informed of their preferences.

An example from Bisoxual:

instagram direct messaging bisoxual

There are 5 different strategies for generating Instagram DMs, which include:


Polls are a great way to get people interested in your content and provide honest feedback. Don’t use questions that only require a “yes” or “no” response. No response is an implied “no” while another form of response requires more interaction between you and your followers. The second option (the not “no”) should give you a way to follow up with the respondent. For example, requesting a link, an email promo code, etc. You can then drop these into their Instagram direct messaging.


The perfect way to personalize your Instagram account to your brand while still connecting with your audience. You can create a story template in a program, Canva for example, and post them over and over. Ask for a DM in your story. For example, “DM us for more information”, “DM us for a discount code”, etc…


I (and my 4-year-old) am the worst about FOMO. We don’t want to miss out on anything. If you intrigue your followers enough, they won’t want to miss a thing you have to share either. This leads them to become loyal followers and life-long customers. Three ways to capitalize on your follower’s FOMO include:

  • Welcome new clients, customers, or students to your business in your Instagram stories, ideally tagging them so they get notified of your shout-out, and can then reshare it to their stories.
  • Screenshot and share positive DMs, comments, or reviews that your clients or students have shared with you. This creates interest in your products or services that other people had exceptional experiences with.
  • Complete a story sequence with an arrow pointing down to the message box. Your viewers will see a CTA to send you a message with any questions, giving you a great way to connect with them.

Another example from Bisoxual:

instagram direct messaging bisoxual

A Code

Give your viewers an irresistible CTA, like direct message “ADDON” for a free add-on to the products or services that they’re already interested in, but this little incentive may push them over the edge to purchase and will connect you with them.

The Basics

Time to get back to the basics. Simple things like replying to stories of target followers, sending DMs to new followers, or sending DMs to commenters of your posts will keep your followers engaged with you on Instagram, leading to loyal followers and life-long customers.

Link Strategies

So, how do you get your followers to click on your links that take them to your blog page or your shop? There are two strategies that work well.


You are able to include any link in the description of an IGTV video. So, you may be advertising a new product and want to direct your followers to your products page, include the link on the IGTV video about this awesome new product. OR you can link an IGTV video in your stories using the “swipe up” function leading your followers to your IGTV video creating more engagement and interest.


Many businesses rely on calls to track new leads or to finalize a sale. On Instagram, you’re able to create a “book” button directly below your bio and highlights. This will allow your followers to schedule a call with you without ever leaving the app.

The steps you need to follow in order to set up call booking in Instagram are:

Edit your profile > action button > find your call booking software > link directly to it

This will share your direct call booking link as a link in your bio. Now that’s awesome!

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