Part 2: Convert Your Instagram Followers – Cover Your Bases

Now that you know all about building a blueprint for Instagram, you need to attract followers. We’re happy to help get your Instagram username, name, and profile up and running.

There are 5 main things to consider in this phase:
1. Is your username serving you?
2. Is your name field optimized for your profile to be found in search?
3. Your profile pic
4. Your bio
5. Your link

Is Your Instagram Username Serving You?

Three little words: keep it simple!

Although there is a 30-symbol limit and letters, numbers, periods, and underscores can be included, it’s not necessary. You don’t want a long, complicated Instagram username. It’s important for your followers to be able to recognize your username quickly and for it to be memorable. If you make it complicated for others to verbalize your username, you make it harder for yourself to get discovered on Instagram.

We know this can be hard, because you want to be creative and unique with your username, while keeping it simple and memorable. Remember your goal on Instagram is to align with your brand, not necessarily to gain tons of followers. If you have good brand awareness, the followers will show up! Although it’s great to have a lot of followers, it’s pointless if they’re not following you for the right reasons.

You can use a username generator, like this one, to help you get started if you’re feeling stuck. Remember, keep it simple!

Optimizing Your Instagram Username and Name for Search

Your name and username fields are the only parts of your profile that can be found via search; therefore, you want to use keywords in these sections that your ideal follower is already searching for.

If you’re unsure how to proceed, ask yourself questions like:

• What niche is my account in?
• What is the purpose of my account?
• Who is my ideal follower?

If you’re able to answer these questions, you’re that much closer to building a great Instagram profile and attracting your ideal followers! If not, take a few minutes and consider your answers carefully.

One more important thing: the name field should be where you’re placing targeted keywords for your ideal followers to find you in their search. Your name field should NOT be the same as your username. Your username is already on your profiile!

One example is our brand, Bisoxual. The username is @bisoxual, the name is Spice Up Your Sock Life.

Instagram username, name, bioi, and pic


Your Instagram Profile Pic

Now that you’ve optimized your Instagram username, it’s time to pick a great pic! You want your Instagram profile picture to stand out. After all, it’s teeny-tiny, so it needs to be somewhat flashy. Your profile pic needs to be a headshot or lifestyle photo that represents you and/or your business.

If you’re using a picture of yourself, make sure it’s cropped from the shoulders up. Your picture should have a bright, clear background with your brand colors. Most importantly, your profile picture should be flashy, making it a scroll-stopper.

Your Instagram Bio and Link

Now, it’s time to create a bio that appeals to your ideal follower. Once you’ve been found through search, your bio needs to tell someone why they should follow your account.

First, you need to use terminology and speech that your target audience would use. You should be able to relate to your ideal followers.

Then, you need to tell your potential followers the value your account offers them. What will they get out of following you?

Have a CTA

Lastly, use an appealing CTA. You want to give people a reason to click on the link which may be to your latest blog post, a discount code, or a free guide to your services provided.

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