Steps to Creating Your Brand Messaging

What is the goal of any business, especially your own?

More happy customers, of course.

But…how do you achieve this goal?

 Steps to Creating Your Brand Messaging

You may be feeling overwhelmed about this conundrum your business is in. You need more happy customers, but don’t know how to reach your target audience. It shouldn’t be so hard to attract new business, right?

Marketing is a great tool to grow your business, but it can be seriously overwhelming. Where do you start?

You have to start at the beginning. To do this, you need to create your business’ brand script. At Orion Global Marketing, we create messaging using a slightly modified version of the StoryBrand method.

creating your brand messaging

The Client…

First, you must have a character in your brand story and determine what your character wants. This “character” is your client. This is not a buyer persona, just an overall customer. What do they hope to be? How do they want their customers to see them?

Our character for OGM is a business owner who desires more business.

 …Has A Problem

Next, you must determine the main problem the character has. Your client probably has a ton of problems, but what is the main one that you want to help them with? The overall issue. Could it be a lack of expertise? Not having the right equipment for the job? Confusion about processes?

According to StoryBrand, there are three types of problems:

  • External (what is your customer’s problem?)
  • Internal (how is the problem making them feel?)
  • Philosophical (why is it wrong that they feel that way?)

This is how we break down our client’s problem at OGM:

  • External problem – customers lack understanding of how to use marketing
  • Internal problem – feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Philosophical problem – marketing shouldn’t be this hard

And Meets a Leader…

Thirdly, you must lead your customer down the path that leads to successful problem resolution.

But first, you have to show them WHY they should trust you. You can achieve this by showing your customers how you identify with them. What makes you a trusted source of information? How do you know how to solve their problems? Do you know how they are feeling?

At OGM, we understand marketing can be overwhelming. We are skilled in refining your messaging and communicating with your audience. We can help you alleviate the sense of being overwhelmed with your marketing plan.

…Who Designs a Plan

Next, you must present a plan for success specific to your customers.

At Orion Global Marketing, we have a plan for you! You need to have a plan for your clients, too. Our plan is this:

  • Talk with you
  • Come up with a clear marketing plan specific to your business
  • Implement this plan
  • Watch your business grow

This leads to clear messaging for your business and the overwhelmed feeling being alleviated.

And Provides a Call To Action…

In order for your brand messaging to be successful, you must have a clear call to action on your website or other marketing materials for your customers. It may be that you want your customers to call or schedule a call for an initial consult. You may also wish to present transitional calls to action like an e-mail list or an informational PDF.

Have your call to action, whatever it is, be prominent on your site and in your marketing materials.

…That Ends In a Successful Outcome

How will your clients succeed if they use you? How will they fail if they don’t use you? Tell them. Communicate how they can be better with your help.

The success OGM wishes to achieve by following our brand script at OGM is having more leads, increased clarity for our clients, establishing our customers as leaders, establishing ourselves as leaders, and handling your marketing.

And Leads to a Client Transformation.

How can you change your customer to be the ideal version of themselves? Can you help them get from overwhelmed to calm and confident? If so, your brand messaging is on target. It’s clear. Helpful. Simple to understand.

Now that you know how to create a brand message for your business, which ultimately leads to clarity for you and your customers, are you feeling less overwhelmed?

Send us an email and we can get started!

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