Why and How Logistics Companies Need to Use Marketing

Logistics companies are not typical marketing powerhouses, but they should be and they can be. The industry seems to be looking at marketing as an unnecessary expense that doesn’t have any ROI. This is so wrong on so many levels. Let us change your point of view.

Problem #1

Sales and marketing are treated as the same function.

Sales and marketing are closely related, but one does not take the place of the other. There has to be a give a take between marketing and sales in order to move your clients down the sales pipeline. Marketing helps identify future clients – people actually interested in what you offer. Sales offers a personal experience with the people that marketing has identified as prospects. Why waste a salesperson’s time on people that don’t want what you offer? They can’t always generate contacts and close deals at the same time.

Problem #2

Logistics companies don’t see marketing as an investment. They see it as an expense.

Measuring the results of your marketing efforts can be tricky, but it absolutely necessary to see what’s happening in your sales cycle. What is working? Where are your clients? What are they looking for? This is data that you need to help future clients find you. You don’t have to chase after them anymore.

Help your salespeople prosper by getting your company name out there and establishing your business as an authority. It makes their jobs so much easier and helps your company succeed.

So, how do you start marketing your logistics company? Here are some pointers:


1. Define what you offer.

What is your particular service offer? Are you in fleet acquisition? Air cargo? Intermodal? Rail? What are you promising your clients and are you delivering on that promise? It’s important to have a clear offer in order to market your services to your clients.

2. Who’s your competition?

Research and analyze your competition to understand all the established and “up and coming” businesses in your industry that have that offer the same services that you do. What do you do differently? What makes you better than them? What are they doing that you may consider also doing? There are a ton of logistics companies out there. Make yours stand out.

3. What are your primary and secondary markets?

If you’re dealing with the logistics of physical products, keep in mind all the packaging, production, warehousing, etc… that goes with that.  Markets shift, demands shift, and demographics shift. Reevaluate and reassess often to make sure your marketing budget and goals are on track.

4. What value do you bring?

Ask your best customers why they like doing business with you. Focus on what they say and get that in front of potential new clients. If you are new and don’t have any “best customers” quite yet, focus on what you are doing differently. Amazing customer service? Better quality? Lower prices? Make it clear what makes you special and then bend over backward to provide that service the very best you can.

5. What’s your marketing budget?

How much do you spend on marketing? Hmm. Look at it as an investment. If you can spend $500 on advertising and it will bring you 10 leads and typically 1 of those becomes a paying customer, is that worth it? If your client will spend $10,000 or more during your relationship, then YES. Start thinking about marketing in a new way. Where can you find new clients? Are Google ads bringing you more clients, or is your Instagram account getting a ton of attention? Do you have great content on your site? Are you promoting your entire company or a particular service? Find what works for your budget and goals. Adust according to the results you get.

6. Define a tactical marketing plan.

A tactical marketing plan defines how you will position your services, find clients, and the tactics you will use to increase sales. Public relations, lead generation, media, distribution, pricing, and budgeting are also part of this plan. A review of your current marketing strategy is also helpful. This will help you identify what is working for your business and what is not. All companies, including logistics companies, need marketing.

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